• To provide excellent services in the development and operation of flood forecasting and warning system in early preparation for the floods to improve the quality of life, safety and property.



  • Ensuring effective flood forecasting and warning operations are in line with the needs of disaster-related agencies and the public in flood warning acceptance.
  • Developing, upgrading and maintaining flood forecasting and warning systems including equipment, modeling, ICT infrastructure and flood warning dissemination systems.
  • Carry out public awareness activities and effectiveness assessment on flood forecasting and early warning.
  • Ensuring effective cooperation with flood disaster-related agencies, media and international organizations to increase forecasts and flood alerts dissemination.


Client Charter

  • Performing monsoon flood predictions and warnings 2 days earlier to flood disaster related agencies and flood victims in the Kelantan River Basin, Sungai Terengganu and Pahang River.
  • Prepare a current flood report within 24 hours after the flood event.


National Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre
Division of Water Resources and Hydrology
Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Malaysia